Looking for Bond Back Cleaners in Melbourne who will Actually Show Up and do an Expert Clean (and give you a guarantee)

Bond Cleaning Guarantee
If you speak to anyone and tell them you are moving you will often get the roll of the eyes and comments to match, such as “oh moving is so stressful, there is always so much to do”. To add to that, you’ll have to make sure the place you are renting is to the standard that the agent feels is acceptable in order to get your bond back. The bond amount is pretty hefty these days and sometimes it’s double the rent depending on the property, so it’s best to get a thorough clean done by professionals to ensure you get your money back.

We are specialist bond back cleaners in Melbourne we are ready to take your booking. Ph:

Short Notice Bond Back Cleaners

How soon do you need a clean done?

Of course, it’s always better if you can book your bond back cleaner in advance and especially so since we can get quite busy, but we can come out promptly when the need arises. Keep in mind that it’s best if the place is vacant for us to do the carpets and floor clean aspect for a full vacate clean. You don’t want to walk on the clean carpet and you’ll also need a receipt for the carpet clean, to show the agent if your contract specifies you need to steam clean carpets when your rental tenancy expires.

Making End Of Lease Cleaning Easy with our bond cleaning service

One of the main reasons people want a cleaning company to take care of the end of lease clean is because most people don’t enjoy cleaning – especially if it is a big one-off clean or spring clean. There are those extra little things that need to be done such as cleaning skirting boards, the top of light fittings, windows, and window sills. stoves, ovens, bathroom fittings and much, much more.

The other reason is due to being time-poor. There’s just so much to tick off your list when you are moving. You’ll need a good moving out checklist so you can focus on getting those things done while we take care of the nitty-gritty, so to speak.

Moving House Check List Prior To Bond Back Cleaning:

  • Inform the family of new contact details
  • Inform friends of new contact details
  • See if a friend will mind any pets for a day or night while the removalist is there.
  • Organize a removalist company
  • Get some different sized boxes from your local supermarket (fruit boxes are great and strong) or pay for some boxes through your local self-storage company
  • Hold onto local newspapers for wrapping and get some packing tape and a marker
  • Update superannuation provider
  • Update Phone provider
  • Update internet provider
  • Update Government Departments (eg, Centrelink, Child Support, Job Providers)
  • Update schools for your kids if needed
  • Update memberships such as RACV, gym, etc.
  • Connect Electricity, Gas, and Water at new premises
  • Organize insurance
  • Arrange Disconnection of services such as electricity, gas, and water about a week after you have left the property.
  • Take some detergents, toilet paper and a hand towel to your next property while you are between them both.
  • Speak to Bond Back Cleaners to do your cleaning.

Our End Of Lease Bond Back Guarantee

If the agent is not happy with the final clean, we will go back and clean the items specified by the agent in the email, at no extra cost. You’ll need to make sure the invoice is paid in full, that you give us at least one day’s notice so we can ensure our cleaners are available, and any complaints must be made within 24 hours of the cleaning is done. It is up to you to make sure you check the clean within 24 hours.

Totally Clean are Melbourne’s preferred Bond Back Cleaners.