Are You Moving Office And Need End Of Lease Commercial Cleaners?

Are you located in Melbourne and need your office space cleaned? Or are you about to move into a space that has been fitted out but needs a more thorough clean before you put your office equipment in place? Then we are just the people to help because we are expert end of lease commercial cleaners.

Totally Clean staff are well equipped to handle your cleaning requirements for a vacate clean and we have staff in many locations across Australia

What A Professional End Of Office Lease Cleaning Company Can Do For You

When you’re in the middle of an office move, it’s easy to overlook the little things that need to be done like toilets, sinks and fittings for example. These are the things that help you get your bond back and that’s the aim. So how do we know what to clean? We have experienced bond back cleaners and we follow an extensive checklist to make sure we get into all the nooks and crannies that you might overlook if you were doing it yourself.

In an office environment, the people traffic can be quite heavy among employees working in the office, sub-contractors, office supply companies, couriers and clients. It’s easy for the odd coffee spill, foot tread-marks, and scuffs to happen as well as a build up of dirt in such places as reception areas. Then, from a hygiene perspective, you’ll want the toilets, vanities and kitchen areas thoroughly cleaned. Bin areas are in special need of a good clean prior to leaving the premises.

We also get called out to tidy up after a fit-out and make sure the office is cleaned and ready for the move in. If you’ve ever been involved with a fit-out before you’ll understand that there can be a considerable amount of dust as well as bits of chipboard or plaster pieces. We will give the space a complete going so all you have to do is update it with a regular clean.

If you are relocating office, your agent might want you to make good on the premises or if you are sub-letting then you’ll want to leave the property clean for the next tenant. Sometimes you can leave behind reception desks and other office furniture but one thing you will still need to do is get the place clean and tidy. You can get a quote on a commercial end of lease clean and let us know when you think you’ll need it based on your office furniture and equipment being vacated prior to us coming in.