How to Keep a House Neat and Clean with Minimal Effort

clean-house-easily-and-efficientlyThere are not many people that enjoy cleaning and with less time on our hands these days, it can sometimes feel like more of a chore, so today we share some great tips on how to keep a house neat and clean with minimal effort.

If you need a vacate clean then taking some of these simple steps will make it easier prior to your move. First things first though…put on some of your favourite music and turn…it….UP! Put on your baggies so you don’t ruin your good clothes and make it fun!

Before you start on the house, use some toilet cleaner on your toilet, and spray your mirrors, shower, bath and bathroom sinks. This will give it a chance to pre-soak. And the beauty of this is that you can boogie while you do it and get some exercise in at the same time! Expect an endorphin rush at the end if you really get into the swing of it! Another bonus!

The Benefits of De-cluttering

Even without vacuuming or doing the regular house clean, decluttering can make your home or rental property look cleaner and more organised just by this simple act alone. Start room by room and better to start with the general living areas as this is the area most people will see or be in when they visit. De-cluttering is great for when you have a rental inspection which is commonly conducted every six months in Australia if you are a tenant.

As they say, only handle everything once. By applying this general rule you are being more efficient and saving time. Give away things you don’t need or use. It feels great to give and there are families out there that really need help as they are financially struggling. Any toys, clothes, books, games, blankets, or kitchenware will come in handy in the community. Consider giving it to such people as Berry St as opposed to somewhere that re-sells them. If you need the cash yourself then list your items on gumtree or eBay. Throw out anything that is old and not of use to anyone. Organise a hard rubbish collection through your local council. Contact your local council by finding them at this council link.

File any paperwork and while you are there, shred anything that is too old to keep. You don’t need a filing cabinet as you can get file storage containers these days and they are easy to stack and put away in a cupboard out of sight.

Put Things in Their Place

You may be surprised at how easy it is to make a place look neat and organised. The simple act of straightening things up and applying some symmetry gives the desired effect. Straighten the couch and chair cushions, fold your throw rug and place it over the arm of a chair. It’s a good idea to also straighten up any floor rugs. If you are vacuuming then be sure to lift the rug and make sure there is no build-up of dirt underneath which can sometimes happen.

Clear bench tops, TV, cabinet tops, etc. Put away anything that has storage. If you lack storage then stack things like DVDs and books so that it looks more orderly. Also, check cupboards and draws to make sure you are using that space efficiently. If not, take things out of draws, declutter or re-organise and make room to store other things out of sight.

Group things in twos or threes. Put a small ornament under a tall lamp on a bench or a vase as a centrepiece on a side table with a picture hanging to the right of it, or a photo frame next to a centrepiece.

Make the beds. Not only does it make a room look tidy, but it’s also great to get into a made bed at night. There’s something very satisfying in that.

Basic Cleaning Required to Make a House Look Clean

Dusting makes bench tops and furniture look more polished. You may be tempted to skip this but don’t! If you are concerned with chemicals then you can get a fibre cloth or Enjoy doing the job without cleaning aids. If you have a problem with dust then buy a cloth face mask to cover your mouth and nose. An eco-friendly cleaning product is preferable, such as some good old bi-carbonate Soda and lemon juice as a great combination. Eucalyptus and citrus are also good ones to remove bathroom scum.

Since you soaked the toilet at the start, it then makes it easier to scrub after you have done some of the other cleanings. Your bathroom area should be nicely soaked by now so you can start the cleaning. Give it that sparkle!

Vacuuming is really great for making your place look super clean so don’t skip this step and mop if you need to. If it is a really quick clean and the floor does not show up marks then you can save this for a deep clean.

Look up. See any cobwebs?

Quick Clean or Deep Clean?

Whether you choose to do a quick clean or a deep clean may depend on how quickly you want the clean done or if you have guests coming over (or your parents are coming home….yikes!). It’s a good idea to do a deep clean and then it makes it easier to maintain with the odd quick clean in between.

Making Your House Fresh

Depending on the weather, open your windows a little or a lot. This will allow air to circulate and remain electrified. Keeping electrified air in your home will help to keep germs away and keep the inside air smelling better. You can also use a non-toxic air freshener to spray or aromatherapy oils.

Put your dirty washing in the laundry rather than leave it on the floor and change your bed sheets.

These handy tips will help keep your home smelling fresh.

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