End Of Lease Cleaner Abbotsford 3067

We Have an End of Lease Cleaner Abbotsford 3067 for Those of You Moving Out of Your Property

There’s no doubt it’s a very busy and stressful time when you move house and one of the last things you want to have to do is go back and tackle the cleaning once all your furniture and belongings are moved out. That’s why we get so many people booking in with us. Our end of lease cleaner Abbotsford 3067 specialises in move out cleaning so you can get your bond back.

Hiring our team of cleaners for moving house means you’ll be provided with a much more thorough clean than a regular house clean. It requires a team of cleaners for the job rather than just one cleaner. It also requires time and attention to detail. When space is lived in, it’s not going to be in the exact condition as when you moved in but it’s still important to leave it Totally Clean. (We are a vacate cleaner with great reviews that you can see via that home page link)

Our specialist cleaning team uses eco-friendly products so you don’t have to even worry about buying your own cleaning goods. We also have the equipment to get the job done right. We even sometimes have a carpet steam clean offer! Just mention it when you request a quote.

End of Lease Cleaning Information

So, what do you need to do when you want to move house? The best thing you can do is take a moment to write a list of what is needed to move out effectively and efficiently. There’s a great example of what you should include on that list on our page for bond cleaning. It’s a big job to move and making sure you have ticked everything off your move out the list and being able to track that will help you keep your sanity.

If you are going to book our end of lease cleaner located in Abbotsford VIC or surrounding areas then it’s best to give us as much time as possible. Allow us to come in a few days before you hand back the keys so the agent can check over the cleaning and make sure they are happy. You’ll want the agent to come through within 24 hours of the clean so once you book in with us, get them to do the final inspection. The last thing you want is for the move to be rushed, the agent being pedantic and you left without your bond. An organised move is definitely the way to go.

Make sure you have all your furniture and belongings moved out before you have us come in as we don’t want to be working around your goods. It does take more time than a regular clean because we focus on areas you would not otherwise worry about when you live there. Dust can accumulate easily around window sills and light fittings. Additionally, such things as cleaning an oven and shower take a lot of effort, as you may well know. It needs to be cleaned so that when new tenants move in, they feel like they are moving into something that is lovely and clean. We know you would want the same at the property you next move into.

When you move out you don’t have to worry about having the right cleaning equipment or eco-friendly cleaning products as we handle all that for you. That leaves you free to focus on removalists and connecting services at your new place. We also have property investors and landlords use our services.

Move-In Cleaners for Abbotsford Vic 3067

If you are leaving your rental property because you have bought a house then you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing the new place you are moving into has been thoroughly cleaned using eco-friendly products. Why not consider having your place cleaned before you move your furniture over. Then you don’t have to worry about areas the previous tenants missed. Totally Clean can help you with your before and after property cleans. Book your end of lease cleaner Abbotsford 3067 and get your bond back. It’s easy – get started here:

We are ready to provide a quick bond cleaning quote in Melbourne so get in touch and make sure your move is a more pleasant one.


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