End of Lease Cleaners Carlton 3053

Professional Team of End of Lease Cleaners Carlton 3053, at Your Service!

Want to get your bond back and reduce the stress of moving out? The simple answer is to book our professional team of end of lease cleaners at Carlton 3053.

By doing so you are doing 2 major things:

  1. You are removing the risk of losing your bond due to your own cleaning efforts. If you are unsure if your cleaning skills are good enough for the agent to approve a refund on your bond then having Totally Clean move out cleaners provide our service, means you get a bond back guarantee.
  2. By the end of a movie you will likely be exhausted; both physically and emotionally. Moving house is considered to be a highly stressful time. There are mountains of things to do, paperwork, phone calls and possibly even kids and pets to worry about. After you’ve finally moved everything out, the last thing you want to do is go back to an empty place and start cleaning. Let us do the hard work for you.

Why is an End of Lease Clean Different from a Regular Clean?

Regular cleaning is not the same as an end of lease clean. It requires attention to detail and a process and it’s important for us to do our job well; after all, we are providing you with a bond back guarantee. We send in a team because it’s a pretty big job and it takes extra time which is different to a regular clean. In some cases, we also need to steam clean the carpets. (We sometimes have an offer on a free carpet clean so check with us when you request a quote ).

You’ll also be happy to know that our move out cleaners use eco-friendly products and we send more than one person for the job. It does take longer to do an end of lease clean and it will depend on a few factors as to how long it will take. It will depend on the state of the premises, the number of rooms, floors, bathrooms or en suites, carpets or flooring, kitchens and other considerations. We simply won’t clean places with maggots, food on walls and other appalling conditions. If your place is like this then we are not the right company for you and we will walk in and walk out and charge a booking fee for wasting everyone’s time. Your property should be in reasonable condition, which is only fair, I’m sure you would agree.

How do I Book a Move Out Cleaner for My Property?

To make a booking, you’ll first need to tell us a few things like property details, your suburb and postcode and the date you want the place cleaned. You can do that through our quote request form and that’s preferable to a phone call only because we have it all written down when it comes through via email. It’s the most accurate way to communicate and an easy place to reference information.

What Areas do End of Rental Cleaners Cover Nearby Carlton 3053?

Whether you are intending on staying in Carlton to enjoy Lygon St ‘little Italy’, be close to Melbourne Uni or other facilities, or intending on moving on to a new suburb, we are pretty sure we can assist you with a clean.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your move by providing our professional End Of Lease Cleaners for Carlton 3053 or surrounding suburbs such as Fitzroy, Brunswick, East Melbourne, Parkville, and Collingwood, Northcote and other parts of Melbourne.


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