Get Your Place Back to Squeaky Clean by Using Professional Spring Cleaners in Melbourne

We won’t tell your friends or family that THE Domestic Goddess is really spring cleaners in disguise!

Yes, we’re sure you can manage a regular clean without us, but there comes a time when it’s good to give the place a complete going over and that’s where one-off cleaners are ideal.

At the end of the day, it’s about having time with your friends and family rather than spending it slaving away scrubbing a stove or trying to clean the grout in your shower.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning started many generations ago and it was believed that the major cleaning was done at the start of the Spring season as this allowed people to open up windows, clear dust, and smokey smells and start to get rid of the bed bugs.

We still do spring cleans but it tends to be when we need them rather than in Spring. However, I highly recommend you do a Spring Clean if you have never done a one-off clean.

It will freshen up your house and help you keep it cleaner and make your regular cleaning easier.

What One Off House Cleaning Do You Want to be Done?

We are experienced in one-off cleans due to our vacate cleaning experience. Doing a spring clean is different to a regular clean and we have a cleaning checklist we use to make sure we give you the best possible clean.

The benefit to you is that you come home to a lovely clean home and can do more fun things like getting out in the fresh air for a walk, eating, playing with your kids or going to dinner with your partner. These all add quality time to your life.

Why Hire Spring Cleaners?

Maybe you just plain hate cleaning and once you moved out from home, wished your parents had moved with you! Hah! Or it could be that you have time to keep your place neat and tidy but haven’t had time to do a thorough clean and the place needs it! Doing a one-off clean is great because it allows you to then only maintain your home at the clean standard we provide.

There are other reasons why you would want to do a spring clean:

  • You moved house and you really want it thoroughly cleaned before you move in.
  • You’ve had a party and you need the place back to being spotless again
  • You need AirBnB cleaning done
  • You’ve neglected the cleaning and it’s time for a big scrub-a-dub-dub

So, it’s time to get the place back to looking great. It’s great for Feng-Sui, your health, and your well-being and gives you time to do other, more fun things! Request a cleaning quote with Totally Clean today.